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Vic McEwan is a contemporary socially engaged artist and researcher working with sound, photography, video, installation, and performance. He is the Artistic Director and co-founder of the Cad Factory, a “regional, artist-led organisation collaborating ethically with people and place to create a local, national and international program of experimental work”. Over the past 15 years Vic has established partnerships with diverse non-arts sectors and communities, and has co-founded the CASE Incubator Studio, a national hub for the development of socially engaged art practices.


Vic has toured work in diverse locations ranging from The National Museum of Australia, to the banks of the Baaka/Darling River. In 2022 Vic was awarded the Regional Arts Australia Fellowship and as a regular conference speaker and advocate for the arts, he has delivered over 100 keynotes, invited talks and panel presentations.


Vic is a board member of MusicNSW and an executive member of the Arts and Health Network NSW/ACT. He has contributed to the curatorial strategies of both the Griffith Hospital and the Royal Prince Alfred (RPA) Hospital (2022-23) and in 2024, gave feedback on the NSW Health and the Arts Framework 2.0.


Vic hold a first-class Honours of Creative Practice (Fine Arts), for which he received the university medal, and a Master of Arts Practice with High Distinction. He was the first artist to earn an arts-led PhD from the Faculty of Medicine and Health at the University of Sydney, receiving the Faculty Thesis Excellence Award and the Council for the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences Distinctive Australian Work Prize.   


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