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100 Notions from a Nation of Two

In the context of a lifetime, a day passes by in the twinkle of an eye, often unthought about.

100 Notions From a Nations of Two places the spotlight on each day and the many moods and voices contained within.
A collaboration between two artists, Vic and Sarah McEwan, 100 Notions from a Nation of Two was created during a process whereby for 100 days, Vic McEwan would record a musical piece each morning as a type of “morning portrait of the day through sound”. At the end of each day, Sarah McEwan would listen to this piece of music and create visual representations using paint, pencil, ink and all manner of materials.
  These were then digitised and edited into a video accompaniment each day.


This immense work is an interactive installation which uses music, drawings, painting and video manipulation. A sound and sight diary of 100 days which features over 800 minutes of music and video, 100 improvised musical scores and 100 video projections created from over 500 drawings.

Presented as an Interactive installation, this work uses technology such as Pure Data to create the presentation backbone but is still a work that relies on more traditional practices such as musical composition, drawing and painting. It is a non traditional portrait, a time lapsed peek into the character of two artists.


This work was presented as an immersive and interactive new media installation at the Wagga Wagga Art Galley from Feb 3rd until April 1st 2012.

Documentary on the making of...

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