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8 Artists

8 Artists is a project established by Eastern Riverina Arts which partners together artists with and without disability.  This innovative project challenges the standard practice of artists with disability working in a mentoree type relationship and instead partners artists with and without disability as equal collaborators to work towards a gallery outcome.

I have been partnered with local dancer Scott.  The work we are making is an immersive installation that explores memory and mourning.

In the first meeting between Scott and Myself we identified a common bond, we had both lost someone important to us three month earlier.  Scott had lost his grandfather and I had lost my father.

In the past I have been involved in several projects that look at how we memorialise our dead and how different cultures are allowed to mourn and express grief.  What interests me in this project is how we are allowed to express grief, whether we have limited ability to communicate in terms of speech or whether we are allowed to express deeper emotions regardless of our communication ability.

Scott and I have decided to make an immersive installation work involving video, sound, projection and objects that evoke strong memories.

This installation will allow audience to step inside the personal world of both artists within a space that allows the viewer to reflect and remember the passing of someone important to them.  The installation will create a place for rememberance.

Exhibition : Margaret Carnegie Gallery, Wagga Wagga Art Gallery : Opening May 17th

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