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Tuned City Infrastructure - Making Your City Sing

This project  is about taking the utilitarian nature of everyday city infrastructure and instead redesigning it into multi use, multi layered, interactive musical installs.

To take the vast masses of mundane but necessary infrastructure installed by councils and business each year and to give it another layer of meaning, access and musicality


This projects is about multi-use, It is about the wonders of ‘reveal’, of changing the perception of this infrastructure and to discover the musicality in every day objects with the hope that this discovery could eventually lead people into the more abstracted discoveries of the musicality in all objects.

The first project to explore these ideas is using Safety Bollards and redesigning them to create a set that are musically tuned. By tuning these Safety Bollards and creating compositions we are taking a form of infrastructure that is about STOP, NO and NO ACCESS and giving it another positive reframing of COME CLOSER, ENGAGE, PLAY WITH ME. LISTEN TO ME.


This project combines practicality with musicality and interaction.
It attempts to create increased opportunity for exploration, play and day dreaming.

Documentation Video of the Making Process

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