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On my first morning in Deniliquin, NSW, exploring the extraction of musicality from city infrastructure, a monument in a park, a contact microphone, an IRig, and IPad (all portable, battery operated) - No sound processing occurred afterwards, all sound is live on on site through IPad with simple reverb/delay/compression.


Reverberate is an upcoming Outback Theatre for Young People production that will be held on the streets of Denililiquin NSW.  It is a music and sound-based theater project which will bring music and theatrical storytelling together to create an original electronic opera.

Vic has been invited by OTYP to work with the Artistic Director of the project Danielle O'Keefe to create workshops and content with young people in the region.

Vic started by spending a few days exploring the town of Denilliquin, extracting musicality from city infrastructure and making plans.  From this Vic has devised three projects that he will work on with local young people.  These include a large pedestrian bridge which crosses the river which will be turned into a large musical instruments that is played with violin bows, contact microphones, rocks and sticks by a group of "fairies' who magically appear from the forest. 

The second installation will be an immersive story world created in the foliage covered canopy of a private water fountain sanctuary near the peacock enclosure of a local park.

Third, a series of massive  50m wide projections that will spill onto the river bank and water. 

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