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Falls Creek Residency - Day 11

The clock strikes midnight as I walk back in my door at Falls Creek.

It’s been a long day, I’m feeling so tired that I can’t even process all the material from the day, my eyelids are battling to shut up shop for the night.

The day started in the Falls Creek Primary School, a small school with over 20 students. In Ski Season the enrolments double as people move here for a term to ski and send their kids to school in the snow. I worked with a grade 5 student Isabelle and the Principal and Teacher Helen.

Isabelle did an amazing job reading a sophisticated voice over about the Bogong Moth.

When we were recording Isabelle reminded me to check the volume that I have the recorder set at because if it is set to low then it wont sound as good. Glad to see a ten year old is double checking that I am checking the gain structure of my recordings.

After the recording was done, we made some plans to do some more in depth work on a future visit and I’m looking forward to it.

Lindy Allen and I then walked up the top of one of the summits. As I went to grab my camera and recording gear, I had this last minute change of heart and decide to not take anything, just go for the walk. So we climbed the summit and at the top the ski lifts were playing a complex array of modulating tones, far different from the ski lifts I recorded the other day. There’s a real symphony up there as the wind blows across the ski lifts. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any recording gear with me, but I plan to go back tomorrow or the next day, it seems like the type of environment that is always windy.

We also stopped by one of the other artists in residence Hiroyasu Tsuri who is creating a large painting on the village water supply tank. He works fast and it seems I’ll get to see the finished work before I leave on Sunday.

Then we went to the local CFA raffle at a local cafe, lots of locals come out for that so it was a good chance to meet a bunch of people. However, I left early to go to the Nordic Bowl to film some projections that I then wanted to overlay with the recordings from the school. It was so windy there, that my laptop was blown off the table twice. I managed to get some footage, but the elements were fighting with me and I decided to pack up and leave.

It was much more protected down at the Falls Creek Waterfall, so I projected there into the night. Preparing for having a public come down there to see some projections directly onto the flowing water. It’ll be a great chance to share some of the ideas I have been exploring during my time here and to get some feedback from the local community.

But now it’s bed, no time for words, no time for poetry and reflections, just time for surrender.

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