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Specimen - UK

In a drizzly haze of jetlagged wandering in historic Bath in the UK. I discovered good coffee.

So now, I have the energy to prepare ghostly presences from the Specimen project, which has been spanning the UK and Australia for the last two years, taking images from the National Museum of Australia collection and projecting them onto locations related to the colonization of Australia in the UK and back in Australia.

On Monday night I am going to present the work at Bath Spa University in a “double header” with Glen Albrecht.

Image 1 – A dismembered Koala Paw from the Specimen Collection. Image 2 - On the River Thames, where during low tide, archeological relics are uncovered and the old moss covered walls are revealed at a location where first fleet ships had a life transporting goods before sailing to Australia. And for a moment the ghostly image of the dismembered koala paw appeared.

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