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Visiting the Tjanpi Weavers

I have just returned from a week visiting the remote Western Australia Desert community of Warakurna to visit the Tjanpi Weavers.

The Tjanpi Weavers are an amazing group of women who weave with Tjanpi Grass and run an empowering program. Their work has been shared around the world and at National Institutions and I have curated them into the next Tamworth Textiles Triennial. The Triennial is called Tension(s) 2020 and will tour the country for three years.

During my visit, the weavers took me out into the desert and showed me how to collect Tjanpi grass. We sat and talked, while they shared their practice with me.

Soon there will be a short video online about the trip, but in the meantime, just a photo or two.

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