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RealTIme Magazine interview and video footage from A Night of Wonder.

A roaming installation was created that travelled over the entire Mill site.

The audience experienced 10 different installation and performances and were lead onto the site via the truck weighbridge where they were weighed to reveal a toatl weight of audienc eof 13.5 tonnes.


To view the program click here

This project is a collaboration between artists Vic McEwan, Iwai Shigeaki and Mayu Kanamori working with SunRice and their recently re-opened rice mill in Coleambally.

Working with the local rice growing community and town people, these three artists travelled from Japan, Sydney and locally to explore cultural meanings of rice and rice growing and to use the flour mill site and nearby rice fields as a site for contemporary art installation and possibly performance.

Vic is interested in extracting musicality from the mill site and to work with community members to allow them to express their stories and to explore and experiment to find the poetry in practical objects and infrastructure.

Mayu and Vic commenced this project during the second week of March by staying in Coleambally for the week and working in the mill to start to understand it's possibilities and to meet local people.  This culminated in an open day at the mill where visitors came to the site to hear about the upcoming project. 

Vic, Mayu and Shigeaki returned in Spetember for a three week period to create and present a large scale installation at this site on September 21st.

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