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In 2012 many parts of Australia experienced heavy flooding and storm related damage. Yenda, a small location in the Riverina, near Griffith with a population of under 1500 people, was given an immediate evacuation order, the consequences being that no time was allowed for collection of precious items or preparation of households and contents.  Many houses had water all the way to the roof and 15 months later many people have still been unable to return to their home. .

This project is about discovering how the arts can be used to aid community recovery and expression.

This project is being followed by film maker Darrin Baker who aims to create a documentary that explores the project from a Arts/Health perspective.  Watch a 2 minute overview below.

Listen to ABC Radio interview about the project

An initial community consultation was held in March 2013

On Nov 9th 2013, the town of Yenda came alive with a series of projections and installations created throughout a year long process working with different parts of the community. 


From Feb 27th - Mar 28th 2014, there will be a gallery exhibition which shares the process and outcomes that were created in public spaces throughout 2013.


The exhibition catalogue has a great overview of the project and can be viewed online here

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